🖥 Window management, UX changes — Rutile & PlayOS News

Franklin Waller
Oct 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Updates on PlayOS and Rutile! 🎉

🖥 Window Management

We’ve added support for regular windows instead of only fullscreen apps. This allows users to be more productive. They can snap windows to the side in order to split windows evenly.

Image for post
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PWA Airhorn running inside a PlayOS window

🗂 App Drawer

We’ve changed the app drawer from a scrolling view to a grid view. This is much cleaner and translates better on mobile. Desktop still has support for keyboard and mouse for quick access.

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Image for post
New app drawer

⛏ Rutile integration

We’ve successfully integrated PlayOS with Rutile. The full PlayOS front-end runs on the IPFS of Rutile. It also makes calls to the smart contract of PlayOS. Also through IPNS we could couple the address to a domain, this way regular users won’t know they are using a blockchain app.

🔌 Progressive web apps or WASM

Currently, all apps are rendered in an iframe. This allows existing PWA’s to be sandboxed while still be able to communicate with PlayOS and get information about the system. While this is fine for most apps we want to go a step further and let apps that are WASM based be able to run without an iframe. WASM apps are sandboxed by default and can’t get any information without an initiator. This allows PlayOS to control which data the WASM app can modify. We are still researching this, but if this is possible it would allows us to run the same application on the regular desktop and on PlayOS. As well as run the same codebase on the blockchain.

Exciting times.


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