Job Posting Teardown: Cactus Club

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing my homework and looking into trends in the talent acquisition and HR world. I’ve taken a look at hundreds of careers pages from companies in close to every vertical. What I’ve learned is: there’s bad careers pages. There’s “meh” careers pages. There’s good careers pages. And then there’s Cactus Club.

Cactus Club takes employer-branding to a whole new level. They are an award-winning company on the forefront of building a purpose-led organization, that focuses specifically on attracting the best talent at every level.

I like to think of most organizations as a totem pole. Most organizations celebrate the top of the totem pole. Some organizations celebrate the bottom of the totem pole. Cactus Club flips this on it’s head and says, “we have the best totem pole from top to bottom”. Cactus gives clear purpose and meaning to their candidates, and they continuously emphasize and demonstrate how important it is to build a team with aligned goals.

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Our goal is never to offend the people who put time, work and effort into the job postings we look at but we hope to start a discussion, offer suggestions, create a more compelling candidate experience and give a nod to the companies getting it right.

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