Orbis Tweetus is the 1st Book in the World Illustrated by Followers

Orbis Tweetus by Otto Bohus, Jana Reichel & 92 co-authors

Czech copywriter Otto Bohus has just pulled off a remarkable feat of art. While tweeting one aphorism a day throughout 2015, he challenged his followers to tweet related artworks and illustrations. A year later, his Twitter newsfeed was packed with witty quotes along with a bounty of colorful imagery. And thus the idea to publish a unique book with 92 self-made illustrators was born.

Otto Bohus with his so-author, art director Jana Reichel (left)

Otto crowdfunded this challenging project and gained a substantial amount of support both from his followers and readers eager for a new kind of reading experience.

They won’t be disappointed. Otto himself is a top-notch pro, a copywriter who truly knows his craft. That’s why he has attracted such a huge creative crowd in the first place. And while the general quality of the published images varies wildly, the beautiful book layout by Jana Reichel has transformed a disorderly bunch of tweets and pictures into a classy publication.

Orbis Tweetus is in Czech, but in this case you may judge the book by its cover…

…the showreel…

…the binding…

…and the design:

Orbis Tweetus, pages 20–21
Orbis Tweetus, pages 62–63
Orbis Tweetus, pages 84–85
Orbis Tweetus, pages 100–101
Orbis Tweetus, pages 102–103
Orbis Tweetus, pages 130–131
Orbis Tweetus, pages 158–159

There is a happy ending too. Orbis Tweetus has been selling pretty well for its niche. Surpassing the crowdfunding hype, it took a path of its own to reach and inspire new readers. After all, it is the only one of its kind.