Passing a Carcass on the Road

A poem written after a ride on my Harley

Photo by Casey Allen on Unsplash

I should have recognized the
carcass as an omen
the stench clung to my clothes
reminding me later of its passing –
my passing
just over the middle line
I swerved slightly
his pelt waved at me

Depositing a message
after the smell dissolved
a blurry thought remained
reminding me
our space in time is limited

Each day the line shifts
slightly to the right
The vibrant white line
iridescent black fur
redefining my center

My husband and I retired and bought a 40 foot motorhome. As he drives, I write about our experience and what we learn each day. Hoping to inspire others to travel, allow them to laugh, and hopefully help them learn with us on our endeavor.

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