Retired, Traveling and Golfing

Our RV takes us to two different types of courses

This is Dagney. Image from author’s photos.

When Randy and I travel we look for RV parks near a golf course. This year we’ve spent quite a bit of time the in the Palm Springs area so the opportunities were endless.

The last couple years, more and more couples have started golfing. It once was a segregated activity but as the sport has gained…




My husband and I retired and bought a 40 foot motorhome. As he drives, I write about our experience and what we learn each day. Hoping to inspire others to travel, allow them to laugh, and hopefully help them learn with us on our endeavor.

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Brenda Mahler

Brenda Mahler

Real life person sharing real life stories. Writing about travel, dogs, and healthy lifestyles.

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