Slides of the Elasticsearch internal review

Originally published at on October 05, 2015.

At Reputation VIP, we regularly organize internal technical presentations and reviews. It’s the ideal moment for us to grow our skills and to share them across our entire team.

Last week, on thursday, Quentin Fayet gave us an awesome presentation about Elasticsearch.

Of course, nowadays, everyone has heard of the great tool it is but, internally at Reputation VIP, just a few of us gave it a real try. Quentin is quite passionate about Elastic and is working since a few months now on a set of articles about its products and ecosystem.

Two of them have already been published on this very same blog. If you are interested in the subject, give it a, non so quick, look (~20K words at least!) here, here and here.

And, as a gift, here are the great slides Quentin Fayet presented us last week: