Letter sent on Jul 26, 2017

Editor’s Notes: Are You Ready For The Revoluzionne?

“In our own little ways, we can make an impact. But, if a community collectively moves towards achieving the impossible, then you don’t simply create impact — you change the world. ” — Pat Villaceran

Medium Subscribers:

To those who are not familiar with the us, we are THE REVOLUZIONNE, an independent platform bold editorials that challenge the political and socio-economic landscape in the world. We aim to create socially responsible leaders all over the world.

As a background, we have been developing this platform for about a year and a half now. We wanted to provide “stories that matter to people” and humbly “change the world, one story at a time.

You see, THE REVOLUZIONNE was “born” in the time where viral websites use click-bait headlines. These were the times when we’re all filled with pop-up ads and irritating ads that just annoys your reading experience.

I said, this will not do. I know humanity, as a whole, is more powerful than what the media is telling us. I believe we have the capacity to collectively move towards the greater good.

As we try to decipher what it is that we really want to impart to our community, we finally figured out the best way to serve you. Last June 5, we have officially opened up RVZIONNE.COM’s community of game changers!

In our programs, we highlight the importance of quality journalism and our members’ success. We’re not only an information platform, but a growth platform where leaders like you can take actions towards your goal. The mentorship program has been one of the most valuable highlight of the community. Most of our pioneer members have selected the best program for them to join in this year (Yes, a year-long program… because you don’t expect change in 5 minutes).

We already have a couple of exclusive interviews on the platform, but we’re still going to publish other content for our Medium subscribers as well (just because we love you guys).

Moreover, for our second month, we have been able to publish our own books and magazines. This August, we will be opening the eBook version as well. Our members receive monthly magazines as well as selected books each month for free (Yay!). Any book nerds in the house?

Lastly, this coming August, our very own podcast will launch as well!

Whew! We’re not saying we’ve been busy, but I guess we were. WHY?

It’s because we wanted to give you value.

You might also be wondering why we’re all so excited about a little podcast and a little magazine. Psh. Anyone can do that! M’ I right?!

Well, as an independent platform, we do not have fancy investors to give us a massive budget to do this and that. We’re not trying to compete with larger news sites. We’re not them. We’re us. So, for us, these little wins are MASSIVE! It honestly feels like we’ve won the $1 million lottery or something like that.

We may have our ups and our downs, but we’re very excited to share this with all of you!

With that, I would like to say thank you for reading, commenting and supporting our platform. You have been an important part of our progress.

À la prochaine!