President Trump: America, You Got The Leader You Deserve

M. Santos
M. Santos
Dec 12, 2017 · 7 min read

Yes, I’m blaming you. It’s been about a year since President Donald Trump has been in office and the world was simply a better place before.

So, with your proud democratization of your nation as well as the world, how dare you point fingers and blame us for what’s happening right now.


Decades ago, nations could have been radicalized with this idea of democracy. There used to be hundreds of monarchies all over the world, dominating the lives of its nation. But, America stepped in, hero for all, claiming that freedom and democracy is the best way to go. This will give a nation’s citizen’s the right to choose their leaders and let them have a voice in these institutions.

It was ideal. For the people, by the people. But, with the rise of globalization and the distribution of global power, America seemed to be left behind. Yes, the biggest companies in the world reside under you, and yes, the top schools are still in the U.S. (but not the top 2, according to World Economic Forum), but Asia and Europe are catching up. Moreover, instead of improving the welfare of your people, you just became as greedy as ever.

Come on, let’s talk about race.

Yes, Hitler is considered to be the worst in our history, but it has been decades and we’re still back to this core problem. You’ve had the very first black president and yet we’re still going back to this issue. It’s just non-negotiable at this point.

Racism should be frowned upon and even put into actionable law; not the ones that states vague, gray area, which can also be contested by the one who’s claiming not to be a racist. When you put your proud American flags on the moon as well as your military bases all over the world, you should be the nation who also stood against racism.

However, no leader, not even Obama (No, he’s not perfect. Refer to his speech about police brutality last 2016) was able to really stand firm to look the entire nation in the eye and say,


Don’t tell me it simply is a complex problem. The moon landing was a complex problem; Saddam Hussein was a complex problem. The point is, if the elimination of racism had become a national agenda, it could be.

But, no. You chose to play it safe. You chose to satisfy the conservatives whose forefathers raped, enslaved and abused people of color. You chose the “middle ground” when it comes to pleasing entitled white people who still refuse to accept the fact that they are not and will never be the world’s super race.

There are many issues in life that are complex, but when it comes to racism, there should only be, RIGHT or WRONG.

I know it’s “bad” to generalize an entire nation. I guess it’s the same way when American’s would degrade citizen’s of other nations just because of how they look or how they speak; just because they can’t speak native English, it’s already a red flag.

No. Not everyone is America is racist, but let’s face it, there’s still this lingering feeling that you might be better than someone who lives in Southeast Asia. Your environment is better, your jobs are better, therefore, as people, you may come to a conclusion that you are better.

So, when “Asians” and “blacks” come to steal your jobs, you cry about it and point fingers. You even blame your own government for “allowing” immigrants to stay and steal the better jobs, the better homes, even the best-looking wives!

How did it all happen, when we’re supposed to be the best?

American’s have become extremely complacent. Complacent that the government will take care of them, complacent about their white-ness and the digress of your “colored” friends when the topic of entitlement and race comes in. You all feel like everything is as good as the reality shows you produce and what. Because you know what, America’s grass is always greener. This is the land where dreams come true.

Your complacency then resulted to extreme APATHY. And, that’s the problem.

Honestly, it all became apparent during the 2016 elections when the Democratic Party was still deciding between Bernie and Clinton. Clinton’s emails were coming out, her husband’s “bad business” we’re leaking here and there, and then there was Benghazi. None were ultimately proven, but shouldn’t there be more doubt that should encourage you to investigate further?

Hillary’s spot has nothing to do with her being female. Yes, having a female president is probably long overdue, but does it mean you have to vote for the very first one that arrived? It has nothing to do with her being the better politician. The push and the pull of the information from the ones you’d like to give attention to to the ones you’d rather ignore, it was all about the Republican party versus us breaking the freakin’ glass ceiling. It’s not about the presidency; it’s about electing the first female president of the United States.

Looking back, if you really studied Bernie Sander’s platform and Hillary Clinton’s, you’d see the wide gap of actionable plans vs. vague-let-us-see-if-there’s-a-business-concession-about-this-policy-or-not semi-promises. The Black Lives Matter community even produced an interview Clinton had with one of their leaders, but no, this is not something you’d like to watch. Why? Because you want to retain Hillary’s immaculate, female president image. Bernie never had a chance.

Bernie’s platform, which even now he pushes in the senate, was all about the American people; the society as a whole. He has a clear line of right and wrong and he knows that as a politician, the battle is about the laws one can make.

But, still, you’re not satisfied. Bernie is not “glass-ceiling” material. Bernie felt old. Bernie was superficial that he could not take Wall Street down and still do a good job as a president.

Going back to the Republican party, it’s all over the news. You already know it, but just as how the “good guys” chose Hillary, the conservatives also filtered out all the “bad” things about Donald Trump. Yes, even grabbing them by the… was acceptable enough if that meant he’d have the “American jobs” back and basically just make America Great Again. (Because it wasn’t great before, right?)

So, now that Trump’s approval ratings is at an all-time low, this still does not give you an excuse to point fingers because from the very beginning, your reality-show culture has engulfed popular thinking that everything should be in the purpose of your entertainment.

On the other hand, Trump’s election has brought some good things like the majority if American’s now paying attention to the government. Now, more and more people are fighting for the cause. Voices are being heard and there seems to be a clearer line of good & bad. But, is Trump’s “bad-guy” persona enough?

Just as I’ve mentioned above, it’s all about your pride. You claim to be the best in everything, even wanting to the world’s leading nation, but you’re not UNITED. You’re confused.

You even allowed the nation’s standard of what a president should be stoop oh-so-very-low. It’s time to stop pointing fingers. It’s all your fault. For as long as you’re doing nothing and allowing politician’s take care of you, nothing will change. Yes, Mueller may found a way to indict Trump, but who do you think will replace him? It’s still his VP, Mike Pence. And, I suspect, it will just be worse.

They say it could be intrusive to have a political opinion even if you’re just a nobody. So, the answer to that is, don’t be a nobody. Read about what’s happening. Know the facts. Analyze them for yourself and make a stern conclusion. Are your leaders doing a good job? Is the media fair and factual? What is the ethical solution for an issue?

Call your congressman/congresswoman. Reach out to them. Demand results the same way you can debate for an hour and a half for a miscommunication by customer support.

America, you have to fight for it.

Because, it’s honestly now or never. The world is shifting, sick people are dying because of declined health coverage, and your “colored” brothers are being targeted by the police and the white supremacists.

It’s now or never. Unite and fight and accept the fact that your doing nothing about it makes this ALL YOUR FAULT.


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