Being a Vegan Isn’t for Everyone

Dear PETA and any other “everyone can be vegan” group or person out there,

I have to eat meat to survive. I have nutritional deficiencies that prevent me from absorbing certain nutrients from non-animal sources.

I have a vitamin D deficiency. I need meat and dairy to survive. I have a sun allergy & cannot get vitamin D from the sun. Almond milk and orange juice lead to vomiting fits, even if I use them to cook. Soy makes me sick sometimes as well. I do not eat cereal because I do not like cereal. Chanterelle mushrooms are expensive as fuck. I already take 6000 IU of supplements & any more could cause long term health problems.

I have a b12 deficiency. I already take a monthly shot, but it’s important for me to get it from red meat, milk, cheese, yogurt, & fish on a regular basis. Refer to earlier statements on cereal, plant milk, etc.

I have an iron deficiency. This one actually doesn’t stop me from being vegan because my intestines are incapable of absorbing iron, which means my iron has to come through IV infusion. I know plenty of people who rely on meat to treat theirs because supplements are too hard on their bodies (a well documented issue) and because heme iron (iron from animal sources) is the best source of iron for the human body. It is the easiest & best way to treat the disorder. The other option is to require those people to take infusions & risk their health and safety.

As I stated in my tweet to you, meat is necessary for some of us. Let us eat meat in peace.

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