Photo credit: Disney | ABC Television Group via / CC BY-ND

Dear Scott Baio, Go Away

When the guy who was once melodically in charge of our days and our nights turns out to be a huge tool.

Whether you’re on Twitter or television, it’s pretty safe to say that most people do not give a fuck about what you say. Scott, you haven’t been popular since the 1980’s.

Do you know what most people do with milk that’s out of date? They throw it out. And guess what? You’re like that old milk. You are thirty years out of date.

And just like old milk, you stink. Or, rather, your opinions do. Whether you’re attempting to justify your use of a meme calling Hillary Clinton a cunt or your use of jokes/memes that compare Michelle Obama to non-humanoid primates or you’re claiming that all men talk about sexually assaulting women when they aren’t around, you’re just stinking up the world for the rest of us. You’re essentially the guy who “dealt it” and no one wants to be around that guy.

So please consider your repugnance the next time that you feel the need to be sexist or racist or pro-rape. Also, consider finding new friends if the ones you have like to talk about forcing themselves on women. Or a therapist. Or both.

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