I am not your wife

I am not your wife

Claim me and risk strife.

I am not your daughter.

Your seed did not give me life.

I am not your mother

From me, you did not grow.

I am not your teacher.

You’ve never been taught the things I know.

I am not defined

Solely by my hips or breasts.

I am not your plaything

Meant to laugh at your petty jests.

I am not a game for you to play

Nor am I a game’s ref.

I am a human being

So please stop being tone-deaf.

A person is a person,

Or so we’ve all been taught.

But things like this remind us

Why many are so fraught.

You don’t need to know a woman

To respect her worth.

Just think of her like you think of yourself

And do that from birth.

After the tapes of Donald Trump talking about sexually assaulted were released, many politicians came out saying that they thought the words were inappropriate BECAUSE they have wives or daughters or mothers. They were trying to empathize, but could only do so by imagining someone close to them. They didn’t need to do that if they viewed women as people. All they needed to do was think about how any human being doesn’t deserve to be described with that level of cruelty.

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