Look at her and think of me

Look at her.

Look at her body.

Look at her outfit.

Look at her dancing.

Look at the makeup she wears, the way she flirts.

Look at her.

Look at her family.

Look at her friends.

Look at her bank account.

Look at the life she leads, the place she works.

Look at her and think of me.

Think of me.

Think of my words.

Think of what I’ve said.

Think of what I’ve done.

Think of why I’m tearing her down.

Think of me.

Think of me intimidating her.

Think of the image that I portray.

Think of how many say I’ve done this.

Think of what I say that I’ve gotten away with.

Look at her and think of me.

When Donald Trump said to look at how Natasha Stoynoff looked, he used a typical talking point of some who excuse sexual violence by saying that a person can be too ugly to be raped or that they should be thankful if they are raped because of how they look. Rape is not a compliment. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are not compliments. A person cannot be responsible for or be blamed for becoming a victim of sexual violence. When a person accused of sexual assault or an apologist for a person accused of sexual assault tries to pass judgment on the appearance of a victim of sexual violence, look at the person who is being accused and what their reaction is. Think of what they are saying. Think of who they are hurting. Remember that the person being accused is reacting in an abusive way meant to shame their victim.

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