The Supposed Desires of Straight Women

What is it exactly that women want? You might be surprised what a Trump supporter had to say.

I’m argumentative. I’ll admit it up front. I get into arguments with people on Twitter a lot. Often it starts with me reading something that doesn’t make sense. I’ll ask the person to clarify or I’ll offer information that counters what they’ve said. Within a few tweets, someone will typically point out I’m fat or say something about how I’m unattractive. I don’t take it to heart, but sometimes they say things that are a little difficult to ignore.

When I found a Trump supporter trying to discount the story of Jessica Leeds, I was intrigued. She mentioned that polls were “rigged” because, as a devout Trump fan, what else would she say? Well, it turns out, she’d say quite a bit more, namely that polls were a Democratic Party attempt at psychological warfare or, as the tinfoil enthusiasts among us say, psyops. Yeah, polls are a conspiracy.

Oh, but that’s not all.

As we started talking, she told me that Trump had said on the tape that he’d gotten consent. (He didn’t.) She also said that sex acts with coercive consent are not considered sexual assault or rape. (They are.) She said implied consent is a legitimate defense with sexual assault & rape. (Implied consent is a very tricky defense to attempt; and it could be compared to the old-school defenses of marital rape. It’s also not a valid defense in some states and in some countries.)

When I tried breaking down what Trump said, because I’ve noticed that most Trump fans don’t seem to understand what the problem is with his comments, she got even creepier.

The woman, a lawyer at the Naples, Florida office of the firm Cummings and Lockwood, proceeded to tell me that straight women enjoy being sexually assaulted. She even went so far as to say that if a man didn’t grope a woman against her will that he must be gay. She suggested that winking at a person gave them the go ahead to kiss you or to otherwise sexually assault you. A woman who is not only college-educated, but who is a legal professional was telling me how women like being accosted; how they invite it simply by smiling or winking; and that woman who hadn’t been groped must not get hit on much.

I tried explaining to this woman there are differences between flirting, or even engaging in a public display of affection with someone you’ve at least said “hello” to, and walking up to some stranger and grabbing them sexually or shoving your tongue down their throat. To her, expecting men to behave like that meant that I expected men to all be “gay Boy Scouts” and that “straight women” would rather men not be expected to follow the law. I have plenty of straight female friends and I can’t think of any who think it’s acceptable to be sexually assaulted. Maybe that’s because I’m from Alabama or because many of my friends are conservative Christians (mainly Southern Baptists and Mormons) or because people I know tend to have manners. Who knows? But I have friends who aren’t from Alabama, aren’t conservative or Christian, and even some with some questionable manners, and guess what? I can’t think of a single one who would say, “Well, I was so thrilled when this orange man I’d just smiled at, popped a Tic Tac in his mouth, walked up to me, shoved his fingers into my crotch and his tongue down my throat. That was so hot.”

This was one of the most disturbing conversations I’ve had in a while, which is pretty amazing because the deplorables, a well-deserved designation, have brought about a lot of disturbing comments. I will be so glad when this election is over, but I worry about how these people will continue to behave after November 8. If they can defend this sort of criminal behavior now, what will they be defending or even doing when their candidate loses? This kind of grotesque behavior makes me very nervous, and I don’t see it being quelled by a vote against their perceived savior. If someone doesn’t understand what sexual assault is before Election Day, I can’t imagine them figuring it out magically on November 9th or even by January 20th. If they don’t respect another human being’s body now, will they be able to come those days?

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