Today. I will be strong. I will be happy.

Everything in life is possible because of our experiences. I have been weak — down on my knees begging for help. I have been sad, hopeless, unable to help myself. But I have survived. And because of that adversity, I stand strong.

I’ve been having a hard time lately. I have most definitely not been strong; I have generally not been happy. I will admit that to you all today. But what I have been is supported. I am eternally thankful that when I am not able to support myself, others in my life are able and willing to catch me before I hit the ground; they help me see when I am blind. While lost at sea, they help steer my ship in the right direction; opening my eyes to faint light in the distance calling me to safety.

Nobody is able to carry another without reprieve. We all take turns supporting one another, through our good times and our dark times. We help each other see what has been lost from sight. We help each other steer toward the light.

Steer Toward the Light

“The darkest night begins to yield 
 To a fresh auburn haze. 
 The morning sky whispers a subtle radiance — 
 Welcoming the once-forgotten dawn. 
 So long I’ve been wandering, alone in Winter’s sorrow, 
 Desperately drifting through this empty maze — 
 Seeking sweet refuge in an elusive shoreline; 
 Hopelessly begging to wake from this nightmare. 
 Too long I have conceded — 
 Kneeling in defeat, surrendering to the night. 
 Left blind by the vanishing dusk, I accepted this dim reality — 
 Refusing to see the light on the distant horizon. 
 Now as I open my eyes for the first time 
 After my long Winter’s slumber, 
 I am greeted by the warm, gentle embrace of Spring — 
 Breathing new life into my awakened soul. 
 No longer will I bow to the cold, suffocating night; 
 No more shall I drift without direction. 
 I, alone, set the course, 
 And if darkness should take over, I will choose to steer towards the light.”
 ~A. Hanna

Today, I will be strong. I will be happy.

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.