Where did the word “incel” come from?

Where did the word “incel,” meaning involuntarily celibate, come from? Well, it is not where you might imagine.

The word came with a movement invented by Alana, a 43 year old management consultant and artist from Toronto. She wanted to create a group where people who remain celibate, often involuntarily, can have a safe place to discuss and remove the stigma around celibacy.

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Alana turned the site over to people who she thought would continue her work. She had no idea the Manosphere would twist her work and be used as a rationalization for mass-murder.

What set Rodger apart from other “virgin killers” (as headlines have dubbed them) was that he left an extensive digital footprint in an Internet world dedicated to men complaining about their solo state. He’d even argued for a revolution of male incels: “If we can’t solve our problems, we must DESTROY our problems. One day incels will realize their true strength and numbers, and will overthrow this oppressive feminist system. Start envisioning a world where WOMEN FEAR YOU.”

Alana’s friend Michael, who ran the site Love-shy.com, had nothing but disgust and scorn for Elliot Rodger, who self identified as an incel.

Michael has nothing but scorn for Rodger, not just because of his senseless, horrific crimes, but also because his behavior demonizes chronically celibate men. Guys who can’t get women aren’t just losers and weirdos anymore. Now they’re losers, weirdos, and potential monsters. This contributes to a climate where, as Michael sees it, it’s better to “just keep quiet, because otherwise you can be misinterpreted in all sorts of negative ways.”

Alana and Michael seem to have come to the agreement that “incel” as an identity is rather pointless and even dangerous. Labels imply association, and associations can be dangerous. Even when Alana and Michael tried to create a positive movement for change by creating these new identities and labels, their sites morphed into a caricature of itself filled with hate and dubious, often insane, ideas about sex, gender, and human relationships. This in turn reflects badly on people just looking for genuine understanding and empathy.

Contrast this with what a popular MGTOW has to say about incels, and you will see why associations are dangerous.

Re: Incel
by womanhater » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:07 pm
goldenfetus wrote:Allow me to come in on the ‘other side’ a bit. The distinction between ‘involuntarily celibacy’ (or chastity, as Hamsta observes) and ‘voluntary celibacy’ (ghosting) is an important one, in my opinion. Incels are not having sex, but want to, by definition. Ghosts are not having sex, but whether they want to or not is irrelevant, because they choose to avoid contact with women for their own reasons. Incels have the choice made for them, and for that reason I’d argue that they don’t fit the definition of a ‘man going his own way’. Instead they are ‘men forced to go a certain way, but who would jump at the opportunity to go a woman’s way if she’d let him’. Big difference. I think it’s dangerous to disguise that difference with the intent of making incels feel better about themselves, because for the incels it takes their attention away from fixing whatever is wrong with them, and for the MGTOW community because it means including people who aren’t true MGTOW, who may or not turn their backs on the community when the opportunity to get laid presents itself.
I think desire is THE defining characteristic of an incel.
For instance, as a 39 year old 6' tall man of Scottish and German ancestry with the characteristically stout build you’d expect with those genes, I will not be playing for the US Olympic team in the high jump. This is something I simply cannot do, and yet as I have absolutely no desire to do so, it doesn’t matter to me one whit. However, if being a high jumper were the only thing in the world I wanted, then I’d probably be emotionally crippled and cursing God for not making me a svelte and long legged high jumper.
An incel would only join us by default, and would stab us all in the back the instant some vile harridan hinted that he might be chosen to be her provider and offered the bi-monthly honor of dead fish sex. I believe it was Barbarossaaaa who said that most MRA’s are a blowjob away from switching sides.
A man who chooses not to define himself by the opinions and desires of the gender enemy is welcome here, regardless of if he could or could not get laid in a whorehouse.
There are guys like Hasmat, who I suspect comprise the majority of the membership here, who see the bullshit for what it is, and choose to occasionally fuck twats on their own terms while doing everything they can to minimize the risk while also being fully aware of that risk.
Then there are guys like me who’ve never had an issue getting into the pants of twats, and due to experiences in life, have elected to forego any and all interaction with them. As someone once said so astutely — the sex is never worth the fucking.

Here are some charming quotes this glowing luminary of all things masculine and true subscribes to.

“Sexual attraction towards women is a disease, and we have to thank modern feminism for providing us with its cure.” — MPAV8R

“Women don’t owe men anything. Not a smile. Not sex, Not even empathy or compassion. Men don’t owe women anything either. Not interest. Not resources. And definitely not commitment or children.” — Demosthenes

“Women’s definition of oppression is being held accountable for their actions.” — Mr.Fenrir

Gee, and MGTOWs wonder why they receive so much criticism.

I will go on the record here and now on how I feel about MGTOW, so there can be no ambiguity. I believe MGTOW has, or should I say had, the potential to be a positive force for men. Indeed, marriage and middle-class with kids are not things which should define success for a man. I wholeheartedly support men and women who choose to remain single and go on reckless adventures or choose to live like hermits in their apartments gaming to their heart’s content. However, they have to own it and own up to it. There is no reason to shamelessly publish libel against groups you do not like because you choose to believe in wild fantasies about a feminist cabal in control over men and bewitching them into marriage. There is no League of Extraordinary “Nice” Gentlemen that are victims of the secret Fourth Reich of the Feminist Army composed of Chads and Staceys (You know, I actually thought I was getting into straw-man territory with this one until I found this YouTube video which I linked here). That’s just poppycock.