A New Era, And Desire To Continue Public Service In A Different Way.

Time for the Arizona Republican State Senators to pay up.

Life has taken a turn in directions I never expected.

We need to empower parents to make better decisions for their own kids.

Why should we force parents to send kids to failing schools? We shouldn’t and can’t continue with our flawed approach to education. My position on standardized testing in the schools is very well established. I don’t support it. Testing does not help our students learn skills and forces educators to focus on anything but teaching our kids to become leaders of the future.

A research report with recommendations to help support our veterans.

Arizona’s over half-million veterans often are left out of critical budgetary discussions. Over the last 24 months, the homeless veterans’ rate has increased significantly, and little has addressed it. Temporary allocations or slim appropriations from federal funding will not suffice to cover our veterans’ long-term needs. For the last 20 years, America has been at war. Over 2.5 million military service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.


Administrative Closure of MUR 20–05 Starzyk 2 and guidance on additional proceedings

Finally obtained a resolution to the pending clean elections complaint filed by Deborah Nardozzi (LD24 Chair) and Health Mroweic (MCDP Treasurer). Here is the exact response from clean elections. I am putting this out to offer a preview on some of the things they would rather focus on. Basically attacking their own instead of holding current elected officials accountable for the things they are NOT doing for us:

We are so much better than this.

Below are a few ways you can:

  • Support…

Being Alcohol-Free Has Taught Me So Much During The Last 6-Months.

Why most don’t see them even though they exist.

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk, Ryan A. Starzyk, Ryan Starzyk, Democrat, Arizona, Addiction, Recovery, Struggle, Alcoholism, Passion, Pain, Scars, Never Give Up

A lot of unexpected things happened, all of which are good.

Ryan A. Starzyk, Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk, Dr. Ryan Starzyk, Ryan, Starzyk, Arizona, Democrat, Veteran, Sobriety, Recovery

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Military Veteran | Progressive Democrat

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