Arizona Accelerates Backwards On LGBTQIA+ Rights

Doug Ducey is a coward and deserves no respect for what he has done.

Transgender children have become a legislative emergency for Republican-controlled states. When I say “controlled,” I am referring to just enough votes to pass horrible legislation like SB 1138 and SB 1165.

Republican governors all around the country are so focused on preventing trans kids from being their authentic selves that they are willing to impose a radical view of the world on everyone collectively.

Governor Ducey has lost sight of the fact that he has a responsibility to lead for the benefit of all Arizonans. Transgender children, adults, and their families will suffer because of his complacency. It will be more difficult for everyone to live in Arizona if our elected leaders continue allowing discrimination to become the law of the land.

Leaders remaining silent are just as responsible as those supporting these bills. For too long, we have waited patiently for our elected leaders to speak out against bad legislation, yet they still get re-elected. At times like these, they should speak out the most, yet we hear nothing.

If we encourage discrimination, we are no better than the regimes that oppress citizens and imprison dissenters.

Today is a sad day for our LGBTQIA+ youth and the state of Arizona.

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Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Progressive Democrat, Military Veteran, Community Leader, LGBTQIA+ Lifetime Member, Small Business Owner (he/him/his)

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