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Arizona Elections 2022

Let the politics begin!

This year in Arizona politics, incredible things are happening everywhere! We have strong candidates in new districts and a lot of enthusiasm for change. Governor, Secretary of State, and Corporation Commission are three of the most crucial contests to watch. We must not overlook the significance of our local races. The following is a list of candidates you should support.


I’ve been very vocal in my support for Marco Lopez. He is a strong leader with considerable business and public sector experience. I firmly believe in him and his willingness to restore the Promise for Arizona.

Secretary of State

Reginald Bolding is a leader we need right now and immediately. He brings with him a strong leadership style and a very charismatic approach!

Corporation Commission

Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy is running for re-election with a unique opportunity: She is running as a team with Lauren Kuby, Tempe City Council member and sustainability scientist. But Commissioner Kennedy needs your help today!

She needs her Clean Elections funding as soon as possible to pool funding with Council Member Kuby’s to officially launch the campaign to get the first Democratic majority on the Corporation Commission in decades. With that majority, we can make Arizona the Solar Capital of the World, lock in lower utility rates, advocate for better consumer protections, and end corruption at the Commission. With a warming planet, we need to take immediate action to end carbon emissions from power utilities.

Commissioner Kennedy is your consumer advocate and watchdog, so please help her return to the Commission.

Please go to and give $5. Also, please sign her online nominating petition at If you have already given $5 and signed, please forward this to a friend and let’s get Commissioner Sandra Kennedy re-elected!


Look out for Jevin Hodge in the newly formed Congressional District 1! He will be the first black elected official from the great state of Arizona. Fully support him winning this year.

Legislative District Races

LD5 State Senate

Going to be a real interesting race in the new LD5! We have a few great candidates running for State Senate (and one that needs to retire). Jack Drumm and Sarah Tyree. Both are formidable, passionate, and dedicated to our communities. If you want to help them out, sign their online petition and donate $5 to Jack Drumm’s clean elections campaign.

LD5 State House

Dr. Amish Shah is a genuine, caring, and strong leader. I fully support his re-election in 2022, and will do everything possible to make sure this happens.

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