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Arizona Schools Blame Game Continues.

When will somebody take responsibility for Arizona’s public school crisis?

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk
Sep 14 · 2 min read
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The never-ending silence will not fix anything. Run the other side under the bus by your words and deeds. Elected officials on both sides share in the blame for our school system failures. Ineffective elected officials do not make influential school board members.

The status quo has got to go.

To private citizens running for a school board position; Stop relying on the same failed practices of ineffective elected officials. The solutions to fix the system will not be found by merely blaming the other side. If this is all you can come up with, you do not have a clear, precise vision of the responsibilities of a school board member.

If running for school board is a springboard for your future political career, then you need to run on your ideas for solutions and not use recycled failed playbooks of those who have caused the problems. Stop playing, follow the leader. Your so-called “education advocates” are failing our students.

We need real leadership, not more of the same empty and broken promises that have resulted in years of public school decline.

Ryan A. Starzyk, Progressive Democrat

Ryan A. Starzyk

Military Veteran | Progressive Democrat

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