Statement From Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

A New Era, And Desire To Continue Public Service In A Different Way.

I ran for State Senate in 2020 and did not prevail in the primary. The inter-party fighting took a toll on me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve worked very hard to overcome this experience and learned so many valuable life lessons from it. I hope the lesson for people in our community is this: You don’t need permission to run; anyone can and should if you believe you can make a difference.

My motivation for running the first time was rooted in a desire to support our community. It was not for some self-serving reason; it was a selfless act, a call to duty, a desire to once again be a public servant just as I was in the military. Seeing (and experiencing) the never-ending dysfunction frustrated me to the point where I stood up, took action, and put myself out there for the world to see. It was not easy. And I still have some of the battle scars to go with it.

The motivation to run the first time was pure, righteous, and stemmed from a desire to fight for veterans, education, our LGBTQIA+ community, and mental health. These are issues we all deeply care about and I believe were elevated due to my run last year. I can’t say with certainty that I have the same righteous purity that I did last time. That’s why I am not running.

Being a leader means you must recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. But you also must be motivated for the right purpose. A small part of me feels like I am seeking revenge, and that is not the kind of leader our community deserves or needs. More importantly, it’s not the kind of leader I want to be.

My focus now will be on advancing human rights, fighting economic inequality, and elevating the voices of those who struggle to have a voice. I am not going anywhere and will continue to have an impact on our communities. Passion, drive, and determination are part of who I am and will only grow stronger with the shackles politics bring being released.

As I embark upon this new journey, I want to encourage you to join me in the fight. It takes a team to make an impact, and together we can make a difference. Let’s get to work on this new journey together and bring forth the kind of change we all know is possible.

Thank you for the support and believing in our shared vision for the future.

Stay tuned for future updates.

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk




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Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Dr. Ryan A. Starzyk

Progressive Democrat, Military Veteran, Community Leader, LGBTQIA+ Lifetime Member, Small Business Owner (he/him/his)

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