Brain State Technologies Hardware (Shipped)

Enable caregivers to easily, accurately, and more affordably gather patient data.

Ryan Allen
Mar 2, 2018 · 2 min read
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Final production hardware in use


Caregivers went through an onsite, 6 week training course to learn how to set up the many different pieces of hardware, use the software to gather data, and interpret that data to better care for their patients. The existing hardware was expensive, came from multiple third parties, and wasn’t as accurate as users were expecting. We designed and created our own hardware which allowed caregivers to learn the system in less time with consistent, higher quality hardware for less money (and with higher profit margins for Brain State), as well as provide a better experience to the patients.


Custom higher quality hardware that notifies the user when their electrodes are placed correctly as well as gathers and processes the data more accurately than the current hardware.



  • 1 designer
  • 1 hardware engineer
  • 2 software engineers
  • 1 material scientist

Time Frame

  • 6 weeks

My Role

  • UX and material research
  • Visual design and original 3d models
  • Team building
  • User Testing and analysis
  • Manufacturer sourcing
  • Web site and online store design and development



  • Competitive analysis
  • User observations
  • Task analysis
  • Interviews
  • Material and manufacturing research


  • Sketches
  • CAD drawings (Solidworks)
  • Hi-fidelity production ready art (Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop)


  • Cardboard prototypes with existing hardware pieces
  • 3D prints and a custom board


  • User tests


  • Factory sourcing for molds, materials, electronics, assembly and packaging
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Sketch, CAD drawing and vector artwork
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Final pieces of hardware


By designing custom hardware that provided electrode placement feedback and recorded data more accurately, we were able to cut caregiver training time, decrease the total cost to users, increase profits, and provide a better experience to the patients.


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