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Enable stylists to safely and easily manage their clients on their mobile device.

Ryan Allen
Mar 2, 2018 · 3 min read
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Working in the beauty industry for a few years made me aware of the old-fashioned way hairstylists managed their list of clients and the needs of those clients. Paper based client books were in use by a vast majority of the many stylists I met with, and the problems that come with that system were very loudly communicated to me. These books were very easy to lose and misplace, which was catastrophic to any stylist.


We created Chairpro to first resolve the issue of a stylist losing their client list. By saving the stylists data on the cloud, we made sure that even if the stylist were to lose their mobile device, they would not lose their list of clients and all the data that went with it. After the MVP and live user testing, we introduced a way to track notes, like the color formulas for clients hair, a customization system allowing users to change the color schemes, and a calendar system able to notify stylists of their clients upcoming appointments and birthdays.


  • 1 designer
  • 1 developer
  • 8 weeks
  • Research
  • Marketing and monetization strategy
  • UX design
  • UI design
  • Motion & audio design
  • Web design / development
  • Marketing
  • Gamification


We conducted in-person user interviews and surveys of stylists attending the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA and salon owners at the Cosmoprof North America conference in Las Vegas, N.V.

We identified two types of users with a shared interest in a common set of features that could be expanded upon.

  • Mobile (I need to take this everywhere with me)
  • Security and trust (I can’t lose this data)
  • Intuitive and fun (I don’t want some boring tax software that I don’t understand)

Stylists let us look through and audit their physical client books. We learned a lot of small things fast, like the majority of stylists used the notes sections under each client to only track hair color formulas. A group of users also colored their books with some of them making separate covers, which prompted us to add multiple color themes to the production app because style and uniqueness were important.

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By being the first product to market to give hair stylists a safe place to keep their most important client data on their mobile phones (iCloud) and keeping the design simple and intuitive, we were able to acquire over 50,000 unique users in the first 6 months of launch with over 1,000 of them paying for full monthly access for the first year.


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