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Please use my design doc to kickstart your product idea, and link any projects in here that you are working on ♡


Problem Statement

In which way might we enable $targetUser to solve $biggestProblem


$variable = an element that can be modified, added, or taken away to produce a desired outcome.

$result = predicted outcome (more email sign-ups, clicks on cta, etc)

$rationale = demonstrate that you have informed your hypothesis with research. What do you know about yoru visitors from your qual & quant research that indicates your hypothesis is correct?

If $variable, then $result, due to $rationale.


What is the business opportunity? How do we test this? What do we measure? What change do we want to see?


What lessons have already been learned? How did existing solutions perform? What are the known knowns? What are the known unknowns?

Data comes from research & analysis through the following methods: Interviews, Analytics, Customer service insights, Surveys, Existing research, Strategies, Competitor audits, Feature audits, Heuristic evaluations, Visual audit (Places like pinterest, dribbble, material design docs, ui-patterns, etc), Insights, Gut feelings, etc.


Research to understand what will change. What is the current vs desired state? This section is used if you already have a solution to the problem you are iterating on.

Business needs

Who are the $stakeholders? What do they need? What is the problem statement? What is the business opportunity? How do we test this? What do we measure? What change do we want to see?

User needs

Who is our $targetUser? What is the customer benefit? What do we want to learn from $targetUser? Why do we want to learn it? How does knowing the answer help us solve our $biggestProblem? What does $targetUser need? What does $targetUser have? What is it like for $targetUser to do $things? What does $targetUser like about $things? What does $targetUser dislike about $things? Why did $targetUser choose $things? How does $targetUser typically do $things? How much would $targetUser pay for $things? What does $targetUser consider when $things? Does $targetUser have experience with $things?


Lowfi deliverables

Paper/napkin sketches, digital wireframes, flow charts, spreadsheets, mind maps, decompositions, concept selection matrices, information architectures, and all the other fun things in our UX toolbox!

Hifi deliverables

Visual design, hi-fidelity prototypes, design systems, etc.