Introducing Cloudwing, and Multitouch v1.9

It’s been a couple of months since my last update to Multitouch, and that’s because I’ve been working hard to get a new app out the door: Cloudwing! Cloudwing is a simple, lightweight way to access your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. It’s been an interesting journey to get it out the door, as I ran into a decent amount of snags trying to get it on the Mac App Store. As many of you may know, there’s some pretty big pros and cons to going the Mac App Store route. It’s a big topic that I’ll probably write a dedicated post about now that I know what things are like on each side of the fence.

It was nice to take a break from the Multitouch code, although it does take some time to get back into the code every time. I decided to start back with some simpler gestures for version 1.9, hence the addition of the remaining bottom left and right corner single finger trackpad gestures. The plan is still to implement the three and four finger swipes in each direction, but those will most certainly take a good amount of time to get right.

One last note, this will be my last post on this multitouch-app Medium publication. I’ll be switching to just use the so that I don’t feel restricted to just writing about Multitouch :)