Sidelined for a bit

Ryan Hanson
Sep 8 · 1 min read

For the past month or so, I have been working through an injury that has been keeping me away from the keyboard. It’s still going to be a little while until I can get back to my projects, so I figured I would do something I don’t normally do — share my roadmap for when I return:

  1. Rectangle: fix a couple bugs, merge pull requests, and change the shortcuts UI to be a list view, like Hookshot.
  2. Charmston, KeyLimePie, and Hyperkey: some quick bug small bug fixes (I have a lot of Charmstone features planned, but those are going to wait).
  3. Hookshot: merge in Rectangle changes, fix bugs, and add a few small features regarding custom shortcuts. Potentially rename some of the behaviors in the app. I have a few large features planned, like app specific layouts and Tuck-like functionality, but those won’t make it into the next release.
  4. Multitouch: add all of Rectangle’s UI into the app, so that there is no need to additionally have Rectangle running. Add some more gestures and capabilities (this might get spaced out over multiple releases — I have a lot planned).
  5. HighTop: add ability to Star Google Drive items from within the app. Fix some bugs.

I usually don’t share my roadmap, and this one is purposely vague, since sometimes things don’t work out or I change my mind. Hopefully I’ll be back to my mac soon!

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