Ryu Coin Beta Launches on the Testnet

We’re happy to announce that the Ryu Coin beta has been released to the NEO testnet as part of our submission to the NEO.game competition.

How to play:

  1. Create a NEO wallet if you do not already have one. We suggest you use either O3 Wallet or Neon.
  2. Fill out the form here. You will need to provide your NEO wallet address. Currently the beta game is available on iTunes.

3. Download the Home Base App from the release section on Github.

4. Deposit some Ryu Coin within the Home Base App. You will need at least 5 testnet Ryu Coin in order to play a game of Slime Soccer.

5. Go to “Ryu Match” within the Slime Soccer app and then click join within the Home Base App. Once another player has joined the match it will begin.

How it works:

The Game: Slime Soccer — available on iTunes — a fun casual sports game for iOS. As part of the NEO.game competition we have open sourced it on Github.

The Token: Ryu Coin — deployed to the testnet at 0x8624e2b43f913ce65349115cabdaab1339914377. You can sign up to receive some absolutely free by filling out this form.

The Vault: SlimeVault — deployed to the testnet at 0x9cc80115f4a44863894957c61ec47d5731428097. This is the alpha version of the Ryu Vault smart contract (outlined in our white paper). The smart contract handles all of the wagers and matches. It is also open sourced on Github. We developed the contract with neo-python and neo-boa.

The Home Base App: The central hub to interact with the vault. It acts as both a two-factor authentication app and as a way for gamers to deposit and withdraw funds to the smart contract. We have released the desktop version for macOS, Linux and Windows. It is available on Github. We developed the Home Base App with technologies such as Electron, AWS Cognito, Neon-js, and keytar.

Where to play:

For the beta release Ryu Coin wagering will only be available on Slime Soccer. When released on the mainnet in Q4 2018, Ryu Coin is planned to be integrated into additional games such AXE.IO, Infinity Loop, Guardian Earth HD and more. A full list is available on our site under the games section.

What’s next:

The Ryu team is currently in San Fransisco for Silicon Valley Fintech Week. Next we’ll be attending Blockchain 2018 in Seattle, Voice of Blockchain in Chicago and then Token Fest in Boston (where we’ll be right next to a fellow NEP5 token, Bridge Protocol). If you are at any of these conferences in the next few weeks be sure to come by and say hello.

We’re also continuing our reach-out in order to add new developer partners. We recently released our developer faq for anyone interested.

Token sale details will also be announced in the near future.

About Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin (from the Japanese word 竜, meaning dragon) is a token designed exclusively to facilitate skill based wagering on everyday video game competitions, where users will have the ability to bet on themselves when competing against others. Read our White Paper

Stay tuned for more updates:

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Mailing List: https://ryucoin.com/signup

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