Ryu Coin — Biweekly Update #4 ❄️ 🎮

Welcome to the fourth biweekly update for Ryu Coin. In our biweekly updates, you’ll find updates on everything related to our business — marketing, development and more.


Ryu Ecosystem — We’re taking applications

To date we’ve received around 100 applications for our three open positions. We’re excited by the overwhelming response and have begun the selection process for candidates. To recap we’re looking for:

  1. Business Development Lead
  2. Core Software Developer
  3. Support Engineer Lead

Apply here or send this link to someone who may be interested: https://www.indeedjobs.com/ryu-blockchain-technologies

Open Source Community

This week Chief Technology Officer Wyatt Mufson introduced NetworkUtils for Swift.

“In the process of building the Ryu Ecosystem we are creating numerous Swift projects that require the use of HTTP requests. We decided to standardize the way our applications work and interact with our backend systems.”

With NetworkUtils, an HTTP GET request in Swift is as simple as:

import NetworkUtils
networkUtils.get("http://google.com").then {(data) in
}.catch {(error) in


The Ryu Swag and Nintendo Switch giveaway ended with 30 swag winners and 2 Nintendo Switch winners. The Nintendo Switch’s have shipped, the swag is still being processed and will be shipped soon.

One of Ryu Coin’s sweepstakes winners who won a Nintendo Switch

The contest helped build our communities — now at thousands of emails, Telegram members, Twitter and Facebook followers.

A note from the team 😃

We continue to be on target for a December release of our public beta. In addition, there are many unannounced features. As we grow the scope of the project, the importance of our community of beta testers will be paramount in creating the best possible product. In the meantime, join our Telegram Channel for the latest updates.

Ross Krasner | CEO — Ryu Coin | ross@ryucoin.com
Wyatt Mufson | CTO — Ryu Coin | wyatt@ryucoin.com

About Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin is a token designed to turn everyday video game competitions into real-money tournaments. Read our White Paper

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