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Jul 1 · 3 min read

Ryu Games today is releasing a multi-chain collectibles issuance platform, with initial support for collectibles minted on the Ontology blockchain.

You can now view collectibles minted on the Ontology Blockchain inside our first two games Slime Soccer and Volleyball Slime.
Here is a Red Slimey collectible as viewed in Slime Soccer. Each collectible has a “color, ” “rarity” and “type”. There are also 1000 “Ryu Key” collectibles that unlock special tournaments.

What is an NFT Collectible?

Non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles are stored on the blockchain and are always one-of-kind. If you see that you own a “Red Slimey” collectible in Slime Soccer, you are viewing the NFT asset you own on the Ontology blockchain. Each NFT is unique with a one-of a kind DNA, but has attributes like “color”, and “type” that are shared by a number of collectibles.

How Our Collectibles work

After every tournament in one of our games (both real-money and practice) all participants will be awarded a collectible. Our collectibles match the theme of the game they’re awarded in.

When a collectible is created, it is given a unique 120-character DNA string that will differentiate them from all other collectibles in existence.

Color and rarity level

The first 8 characters of the DNA string are used to generate the collectible’s color which also corresponds to the collectible’s rareness. For example, all white collectibles are common, as it is the most likely to be generated. The full list of colors and probabilities is here:

  1. White — Common, has a 33% chance of being generated
  2. Red — Uncommon, 9%
  3. Yellow — Uncommon, 9%
  4. Blue — Uncommon, 9%
  5. Orange — Rare, 8%
  6. Green — Rare, 8%
  7. Purple — Rare, 8%
  8. Pink — Mega Rare, 3%
  9. Black — Mega Rare, 3%
  10. Sky — Mega Rare, 3%
  11. Clear — Mythical, 1%
  12. Rainbow — Mythical, 1%
  13. Gold — Mythical,1%
  14. Random — Unique, 4%.

Ryu Key Collectibles

On initial launch of our contract 1,000 “Ryu Key” collectibles were minted. No more “Ryu Key” collectibles will ever be able to be minted. In total there are:

  1. 200 Diamond Ryu Keys
  2. 200 Platinum Ryu Keys
  3. 200 Emerald Ryu Keys
  4. 200 Sapphire Ryu Keys
  5. 200 Ruby Ryu Keys

The five tiers of “Ryu Key” collectibles will grant their owners varying degrees of additional features. This will range from early-access features to entry into special tournaments and contests. Further details will be announced on how they will work and be distributed.

You can now view the Ryu NFT Collectibles contract on the Ontology Explorer and the contract code is available for review on our GitHub.

Start collecting collectibles in Slime Soccer and Volleyball Slime on the App Store. You can find your collectibles in any game using Ryu by going to the profile section (found by clicking on your username). Let us know what you think in our Telegram Channel.

About Ryu Games

Ryu Games provides a platform for game developers to integrate real-money tournaments into their games of skill.

Stay tuned for more updates:

Telegram community: https://t.me/OfficialRyuCoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_RyuGames

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RyuCoin/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ryu-blockchain-technologies/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryublockchaintechnologies/

Ryu Games

Making games more fun. Ryu Games turns everyday video games into real-money tournaments.

Wyatt Mufson

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Cofounder of Ryu Blockchain Technologies

Ryu Games

Ryu Games

Making games more fun. Ryu Games turns everyday video games into real-money tournaments.

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