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Dec 30, 2018 · Unlisted

Today Ryu Coin released our flagship app along with three games to play Practice Coin tournaments.

To sign up click the links below to become a beta tester. All you will need is an iPhone.

  1. Ryu Mobile
  2. Slime Soccer
  3. Slime Basketball
  4. Slime Volleyball
Users can see the different tournaments available in their game. Our beta only supports Practice Mode.
  1. Ryu Mobile — The homebase app for all things Ryu Coin. To log into Ryu Mobile you can create a NEO/ONT wallet with one click or sign in with a previously existing NEO/ONT wallet by scanning a QR code or entering your credentials.
  2. Slime Soccer, Slime Volleyball and Slime Basketball — In our first three games, users can play tournaments by paying an entry fee with Practice Coin. To log in, users only need to type in their username and a single use code generated by the Ryu Mobile app. Users are given 10 Practice Coin on sign up and every 24 hours when they open the Ryu Mobile app.
  3. Updated website — Check out our new website! ⭐️

What’s in Ryu Mobile

  • Home feed of featured tournaments
  • Game catalog of Ryu Coin games
  • Account information including: username, Practice Coin balance, profile picture, recent and ongoing matches
  • Wallet information including public address and private key. Users will also have the ability to create an encrypted key with a password they are more comfortable with that is backed up to their email.

What’s in our Slime games

  • Offline single player mode
  • Multiplayer classic — play against random opponents
  • Multiplayer tournaments — our flagship mode that connects with the Ryu Ecosystem.

Key features

Users’ wallet information and location data is secure (we can’t even see it). Private keys are never sent to a server or stored in plain text. We cannot see user’s wallet information. We also never store users’ unencrypted locations which you can read more about here. If you would prefer to make a new NEO/ONT wallet on signup you have the option to do so.

Users log into the Sime Games without ever entering complicated wallet information. We accomplish this by using a simple 6-digit single use code.

A user gets their single-use code from a push notification in Ryu Mobile

When a user first logs into a Slime game they enter their username. Then the Ryu Mobile app sends a push notification to the user with a 6 digit code which the user can fill in simply pulling down the notification and clicking our handy paste button.

Users can then simply click the paste button to log onto their third-party games

Users sign all matches with their private key — by simply accepting a 2FA push notification. When a user attempts to play a tournament in a Slime game, a two factor authentication request is sent to our Ryu Mobile App. When a user clicks “approve” they are signing off on a transaction with their private key.

What’s still to come

  • Blockchain integration. Our beta only supports Practice Mode. Soon, we will be coming out with real-money tournaments in which the entry fees and prizes are paid in our utility token Ryu Coin.
  • More games. Currently we are partnered with four video game developers who have a combined 30,000,000+ users.
  • Buying and selling Ryu Coin in Ryu Mobile. Our utility token, Ryu Coin, will be bought and sold directly by us to and from users for $1. It will be non-transferable and not listed on exchanges.
  • Security Token Offering. Our security tokens will receive a portion of revenue from our real-money tournaments. Sign up for more information at

About Ryu Coin

Ryu Coin is a token designed to turn everyday video game competitions into real-money tournaments.

Stay tuned for more updates:

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Ryu Games

Making games more fun. Ryu Games turns everyday video games into real-money tournaments.


Ross Krasner

Written by

Cofounder and CEO of Ryu Games

Ryu Games

Ryu Games

Making games more fun. Ryu Games turns everyday video games into real-money tournaments.

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