4 tips to make your product reviews more visual with Ryviu app

Aug 4 · 2 min read

It’s no secret that visual content is becoming an integral part of the lives of today’s consumers. Reviews influence buying decisions, especially image reviews. It can build trust on your store, boosts the conversation rates and your buyer’s confidence.

How do you collect image reviews? This article will help you to know well about this.

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Get images reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon

It is easy to import image reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon if your membership is a Paid one. Please follow the below steps.

  • Login your Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Import reviews > Enable the option Photos of rating.
  • Import reviews

Provide a review form

The best way to generate more visual content as part of reviews is to make the process as easy as possible. Today’s people have their best content in the palm of their hand. Ryviu allows your customer can write reviews by using mobile phones. It is simple for your customer to take photos directly or upload images from their camera rolls.

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Upload images reviews

No one can understand and know well about your product than you. You can upload photo reviews or write reviews with pictures. Those are simple ways to ensure that your customers can have an overview of your products.

Showcase your reviews in beautiful galleries

There are 5 layouts for reviews that you can select on your Ryviu dashboard. You can set the reviews to display more attractive and match your theme design. Your customer can see reviews once open your product page and want to order that. That is the effect that all merchants are looking for.

We cannot negate the power of images reviews. Let making your product reviews more visual from now. Click here to register a Ryviu account.


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