How Ryviu Work.

Nguyen Nam
May 28, 2019 · 3 min read

You will have an overview of how Ryviu works and what is the benefit that it will bring to you.

Why you need product reviews app?

The top concern of customers when deciding whether to buy products or not is the evaluation of the product. Should evaluate products really important. It supports increasing conversion rate to 30% with good product reviews app. And Ryviu is good choice and it’s free, why don’t try it?

It is very friendly and optimized for phone delivery

Let’s see what Ryviu App has.

Product Reviews Widget

Customer reviews are showing on each product with this feature. It includes many useful features like reviews comment, like button, disk like button and so on

Most of the traffic comes from phones, so we are very interested in optimizing the interface on mobile

Feature Reviews Page

For increase your store’s trust, there is no easier way to display the entire store’s rating on a page.

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Feature Reviews Page

Advance layout customize

Easily to customize color, text, and theme to fit your design. You can see real-time of your changes on mobile and desktop.

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Ryviu settings

Manage your product reviews

User-friendly interface and easy to use, you can easily manage the rating for each product or your whole store.

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Reviews section

Import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and csv file

With free chrome extension, you can import reviews from Aliexpress or Amazon with few clicks, never easy like that.

Also, We built a system to import reviews from the CSV file.

Questions and Answers

Sometimes customers will have questions, but you are away and let customers wait, you will lose them. With this feature, it displays frequently asked questions of customers and answers.

You will no longer have to worry about this issue anymore.

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Reviews email request

Our system will automatically send a request to reviews the product that the customer has purchased.

If you want to see more, let contact us on Ryviu Home Page

Many features are coming


Product Reviews Platform

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