How to display WooCommerce product reviews?

Oct 9, 2019 · 2 min read

Reviews are clearly an important element through which you can increase sales for your business. It can directly affect people’s choice to make a purchase or not. Ryviu is the WooCommerce review plugin that can help you to import Aliexpress or Amazon reviews to your site. It can help you to interact with your customers. In this article, I will show how to use Ryviu.

Ryviu Chrome Extension

You should create a free Ryviu account from this link. After that, please follow these steps below:

Connect your Woocommerce store to Ryviu

  1. Login to Ryviu dashboard
  2. Go to page, enter your Site Address (URL) to connect your site with Ryviu.

Install Ryviu plugin:

Click here to install Ryviu plugin to your WordPress store.

Note: You must have to connect your store with Ryviu account before installing Ryviu plugin

Set up Ryviu in your Wordpress admin

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Uncheck “Enable reviews” option, click Save Changes button.
  2. Wordpress admin > Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings, select “Post name” click Save Changes button
  3. Wordpress admin > Settings > Ryviu > click Save Changes button.

Import reviews from AliExpress/Amazon

It is simple to import reviews with a few clicks with Ryviu Chrome Extension. After importing, reviews will be displayed on your product page immediately. You can get the notification and have the interaction if someone comments or writes reviews on your product page. Ryviu also allows you to write fake reviews on your store without any numerical limitation. Click here to know how to edit reviews.

Show Feature reviews

We got a lot of feedback about showing positive reviews of all products anywhere you want on WordPress WooCommerce store. It is the motivation which helps Ryviu Team to release Feature reviews. Especially, we have added Reviews Carousel widget. It seems to be the fastest way to gain the truth from your customers and your store is more attractive.

Add Questions & Answers add-ons

Your customer can ask about the product or vote other question on the product as easy with this add-ons. Please update your membership to a Paid plan to get it works.

Got any questions? Just contact us to get our assistance.

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