How to import AliExpress & Amazon reviews to the Shopify store?

Oct 10, 2019 · 2 min read

In this article, I will show you how to import Aliexpress and Amazon reviews to your Shopify store by using Ryviu App.

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You should install Ryviu Chrome extension to import reviews. Please go to Chrome extension store, find Ryviu or click on this link to add this extension. Then please follow the below steps:

Register your Ryviu Account

Click on Register link on the top menu to register your account
The default your account is Free plan, you can upgrade your account in the settings account section.

Install Ryviu App for your Shopify store

To install Ryviu App, please:

  • Login to your Shopify admin
  • Login to your Ryviu account
  • Install Ryviu app from this link: Ryviu app 4.0
  • Enter your Shopify domain name then click “Install now” button. Your Shopify domain will like this “
  • You will redirect in your Shopify admin, click “Install app” button from here to finish installing our app. You are done.

Our app will automatically add a code snippet to display reviews at the bottom of your product page. You can add the star rating below the product title on the product page and collection page. Click here to get more detail.

Import AliExpress and Amazon reviews

There are three ways to import reviews from AliExpress and Amazon to the Shopify store by using Ryviu chrome extension. Reviews will appear on your product page once you import it. You can import reviews from the CSV file. It is the fastest way if you want to edit with a large number of reviews.

Shopify product reviews customization

It is simple to manage reviews from your Ezusy dashboard. You can select the CSV Live Editor feature to edit product reviews too. It is easy to customize color, text, and theme of reviews to fit your store design on Ryviu dashboard. You can create the Feature review page on your store. Moreover, you can add Questions & Answers add-ons to your product page. Just go to our Help Center to get more information.

Ryviu Carousel of Featured reviews

To sum up, Ryviu is the best choice if you are finding an AliExpress review importer for your Shopify store. As always, please refer FAQs or feel free to contact Ryviu Team if you need any assistance.

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