What’s new in Ryviu Dashboard?

Feb 20 · 3 min read

We asked what you want most. Now we ‘re giving it to you. Let check the detail on this article.

Ryviu dashboard

Add feature to disable product review after importing

When adding reviews, they are automatically added to the store as the default position. However, you can set up to deactivate your product reviews to check and edit customer feedback. Please go to the Import reviews setting page to enable this option.

Import reviews setting page

A lot of features for the import reviews setting will help your job to be more effective and faster

Previews option

Trust that most of you want to know how to review widget will be on your store if using a computer, mobile or tablet. Then, you will need to check on these devices? That is easy, but waste time a bit. To save your time and for greater convenience, we add previews options on your Ryviu dashboard. Please click here to get more detail.

Reviews widget setting page

Let’s get the friendly interface with Ryviu

Display featured reviews on Sidebar widget

A new option for showing featured reviews is added. You will do not need to add code to your Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce store. Just enable this option in your dashboard and add featured reviews. You are done! Please click here to have an overview of featured reviews.

Show featured reviews on Sidebar widget

Show Boost sales popup

You can boost your sales by using this feature. It is a useful method to increase the conversation rate on your store. Check it out here.

Boost sales popup setting

The Sidebar widget and Boost sales popup feature support Paid memberships only.

Select font and font size for reviews

We improve the reviews widget customization reservation by letting you select the font and set the font size for reviews. This feature brings the review widget to match your theme design.

Select font and set font size for reviews

Now you got another way to highlight customer feedback on your store with this option.

Data settings

You have more than one account and want to it has the same setting? Let export data then import to that account.

Duplicate your settings in the other account

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New features will be released soon.


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