Why Ryviu is a better choice than Yotpo?

Sep 1, 2020 · 4 min read

One of the biggest shifts in shopping behavior this year has undoubtedly come from the impact of the coronavirus. People stay home and keep the social distance to help prevent the spread of virus. Then, shopping online to be more and more powerful.

In that case, product reviews play an important role to increase the conversion rate and boost your sales. There are many product reviews apps to install. In this article, I’d like to talk about Ryviu and Yotpo, and why you should use Ryviu instead of Yotpo.


Rating: 4.8

Ryviu: Product reviews app

Ryviu is a customer product reviews platform for building social proof for the store as easy & fast. It helps increase your conversion & your sale. It has both Free and Paid memberships.

  • Simple: $4.99/month

If you have a Shopify or a WooCommerce store, you can use Ryviu to:

  • Export reviews from AliExpress & Amazon: You don’t have to export CSV, just one click and reviews from AliExpress & Amazon will show on your store.

Please click here to see the features in detail. It is simple to install Ryviu app for Shopify store. You will easily to customize color, text, and theme to fit your design.


Rating: 4.7

Yotpo: Photo and product reviews

Yotpo helps you to collect reviews from customers. It supports you to send emails to collect reviews with images and showcase reviews, Q&A on your store. It also has both Free and Paid membership:

  • Growth 50: $19/month

Here is a summary of what you can do if you are Free:

  • Push the reviews in Google search to see the star rating of the product.

If you pay, you can get Free features and other services such as Photos in Reviews, Rich Snippets, Coupons, option to collect both site & product reviews in one flow. Users can also get the assistance via live support.

Why Ryviu is a better choice?

Masonry V2 theme in Ryviu

In general, both Ryviu and Yotpo has basic features that a product review should have. However, the features that Yotpo brings are not enough. let check the below points:

  • If you are just starting in your drop shipping, you should import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, and other sources. Yotpo cannot help you to do that.

To sum up, I suggest you to to install Ryviu app instead of Yotpo. I believe that this article is useful and you can see the benefits that Ryviu brings to you. How do you think about it? Reply below to let me know your thoughts.


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