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School of Web3 with RZLT | Part ☝️

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Web3 includes several advancing technologies like blockchain, DeFi, NFTs and more — learning what the heck is Web3 in 2022 is like buying Bitcoin in 2012. It is more than just cryptocurrency or a developer place where only “computer people” can exist.

Web3 is no longer just the future. It has become the present. The question is, can you afford to fall behind?

If your answer is no, then you are in the right place. From podcasts to books, we all have different kinds of learning methods — Part 1 brings the compilation of different resources to get insights of the Web3 technology:

Read more about Web3 🧵

You know the general idea of Web3 but want to read more about it? To start with an easy but not so peasy introduction, here are 10 blog posts which you can get you a deeper understanding of Web3.

Calling all podcast lovers out there 🎙️

You might want to use your time efficiently while doing house work or just walking on the beach — lucky you, there are many podcasts that will help you to enhance your knowledge about Web3. Here, you can find 10 podcasts that will make you a Web3 hero.

One shall not forget the YouTube lovers 💻

YouTube is the number one website to go to when you want to learn something, watch silly stuff, listen to music — basically for anything.

What if we say there is a youtube channel that will help you expertise on installing Web3, blockchain, UI/UX for decentralized networks, Solidity, Flash Loan, deploying smart contracts and many more including news and practical examples — would you be interested? Of course there are many channels that focus on Web3, but if you want a deep understanding of Web3 & blockchain development, EatTheBlocks by Julien Klepatch is the right channel for you.

Since this article’s focus is solely on Web3 — here is the playlist that will give a feast for your eyes, and your ears

🙈 there’s more:

Web3 University

It would be great to have a platform totally dedicated for blockchain development education, right?

Well, Web3 University & NEAR University are at your service.

Here you can learn to write smart contracts, mint NFTs and construct fully working end-to-end dApps. From self-paced to certified programs, those platforms are sweet-spot for structured education.

Web3 Social Landscape

On the other hand, as you already know, Web3 is not just about technical knowledge. There is also a social media sphere — with Web3 Social Landscape, you will not only have examples of Web3 social media platforms, but also will learn how they function with comparative examples to Web2.

These days, it has become a cliche to say it is still the early days of Web3, but a true one. Luckily, there are many sources to expand the knowledge.

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