Cueva attracts compatriots to São Paulo

Peru became the second country with more followers and engagement in the social media of the Tricolor

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Great names in Uruguayan soccer such as Pedro Rocha, Darío Pereyra and Lugano brought Uruguay closer to Tricolor. And a new country emerges as an ally of the club: Peru. The arrival of the Peruvian in 2015 was responsible for a rise of the Peruvians in the ranking of followers and engagement of the fans in the social media of the club.

From the eighth place, with 23K followers in the official Facebook page of São Paulo, Peru went to second place, with over 52K. The growth of 122% of new followers made the Peruvians overcome the United States, which for many years was the country with the greatest engagement in the social media of the club, surpassed only by Brazil.

“I thank the Peruvian people for their encouragement, because it is very important to have their support here. In addition, everyone in Peru knows the greatness of São Paulo, and with my arrival the Peruvian fans adopted São Paulo as their club in Brazil. This motivates me a lot, and I’m glad that my people can follow the history of São Paulo”, celebrates the playmaker.

Number 10 jersey for Tricolor and the Peruvian National Team, Cueva reveals that whenever he returns to his country he hears compliments to the club. “Everyone asks me a lot about São Paulo, how I am treated in Brazil and how I feel about playing here. I always say it’s an unique experience to play in São Paulo, and I hear a lot of compliments about the club. I want to win titles, because that’s my dream for São Paulo. I am happy with my moment, but I am not satisfied with just that, because I want the time I spend here in São Paulo to be victorious”, he adds.

In addition to the fans of São Paulo around the world, the team is among the Brazilian clubs with the greatest support from foreign fans. With a great history of titles outside Brazil and a team full of players of diverse nationalities, Tricolor has won the sympathy of fans from various parts of the world.

“I would like to thank the Peruvian people and ask them to keep this support to São Paulo, as well as the trust in me. I am proud of the opportunity to wear this jersey and pleased with their engagement on the club’s social media”. In order to bring information about São Paulo to these clubs, and to give a greater scope to the internationalization initiatives of São Paulo, the club’s communication area has recently launched two new accounts on Twitter, in English and Spanish, as well as publications on Medium, (one of the platforms that grows the most in the digital environment) in both languages.

The accounts started with videos of Rogério Ceni (English) and Cueva (Spanish), and filled with information about the preseason of the main team in the United States. Every day, at least one news article published on the official website is translated into both languages and shared on the social media. Daily posts on Twitter itself and also on Facebook are planned.

The numbers prove: the content produced by Tricolor has been achieving increasingly expressive results. Last week, a UEFA study has put the official Tricolor website as the most visited club website in the Americas. The and the address of the Egyptian Al Ahly are the only two non-Europeans in the world Top 20.

São Paulo is still the only Brazilian club to be in the national top 3, in the main social media. Added, the tricolor channels reach almost 12 million followers. The club’s Facebook page reached up to 35 million people in one week in 2016, just after the 4–0 win over Corinthians.

The club’s internationalization initiative now expands the reach of the content produced by the club’s Communication, bringing Tricolor to the hearts of football fans of various nationalities.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/

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