Dorival Júnior is unveiled as the new Tricolor coach

The coach gave a press conference on Monday (10) and talked about his mission leading the team

The new São Paulo coach, Dorival Júnior, was unveiled on Monday (10) and talked about coming to São Paulo. Before giving the press conference at the Barra Funda Training Center, the coach was welcomed by President Carlos Augusto de Barros e Silva and Executive Director Vinícius Pinotti.

“This is a moment that I separate into two feelings: one of joy and happiness to welcome and unveil Dorival Junior, in whom I recognize qualities of character, experience and competence to give São Paulo what is part of our expectation. The second feeling is of sadness, because São Paulo is in a situation, I imagine, momentaneous, of discomfort in the Brazilian Championship”, said the São Paulo president.

After being welcomed, Dorival spoke as the São Paulo coach. “It is a pleasure to have the trust of the president and the board. I will try to do my best for São Paulo, I trust in the work and the team we have. (…) I trust, above all, in my work. I will try to do it with a lot of intensity and affection” he said and completed.

“May we be strengthened for a time like this, prepared for this circumstances that are not easy. Every year a great team goes through difficult moments, we have to feel the moment of the team, to believe and to work with much dignity. The history of São Paulo has a very heavy weight, it is one of the most prestigious clubs in Brazil and the world”, he added.

During the press conference, the coach also evaluated the current situation of the team in the Brazilian Championship. “I believe that São Paulo can have another type of championship. It depends on a quick recovery, a change of behavior, the participation of each player has to be more intense” concluded the new coach, who brought the physical trainer Celso Rezende and assistants Lucas Silvestre and Leonardo Porto to strengthen the staff.

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