Josué meets Tricolor again in Bradenton

Ambassador of Wolfsburg-ALE, which will play the Florida Cup, the midfielder visited his former teammates for old times’ sake

Tricolor had an honorable visitor during this Saturday (8) activities in the US: the midfielder Josué. A multi-champion of the club, he had a homesickness moment with his former teammates and friends that he made during his victorious time in São Paulo. Ambassador of Wolfsburg-ALE, which will also play the Florida Cup, the midfielder also seized the opportunity to wish good luck to the new coach.

“It is very nice to be able to meet again with people I admire so much, as Rogério Ceni and Lugano. They are great friends that I cherish, with whom I have lived special moments, such as the Club World Cup of 2005. I took the opportunity to wish Rogério good luck in this new stage of his career and to reinforce my support for him and the club”, he said.

Rubens Chiri /

During his time on Tricolor, Josué was present at historical moments. He defended and strengthened São Paulo in the achievements of the Paulista Championship (2005), Copa Libertadores da América (2005), FIFA Club World Cup (2005) and Brazilian League (2006 and 2007).

Rubens Chiri /

In addition to meeting again the ex-goalkeeper and the Uruguayan defender, the midfielder also had the opportunity to talk to the members of the staff and to watch the preparation of São Paulo, which is working for the premiers on Florida Cup and Paulista Championship.

The Florida Cup Playoff 2017, tournament with teams from five countries in knockout round format, will be the first commitment of the former goalkeeper in charge of the team.

According to the rules of the competition, only the winners progress phases by phases to the big final. The championship is going to be played from January 15 to 21. São Paulo will make its debut on 19th and is already classified to the semi-finals. The team will face the winner of River Plate-ARG x Millonarios-COL, whichis going to be played at the quarterfinals. On the other side, Vasco da Gama and Barcelona-EQU battle on the quarterfinals to have a chance to play against Corinthians on the semi-finals.

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