Less routine during the preseason: “It’s a pleasure coming to work”

Rogério Ceni’s dynamic activities enliven the group, which has evolved even more at the beginning of this year

Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

Usually, athletes are averse to the preseason period, which requires a lot physically and means a long period without games. However, thanks to the coach Rogério Ceni this has been different. With dynamic activities, great opponents and a series of adjustments, the preparation of the Tricolor in 2017 has caught the attention of the players.

Alongside assistant Michael Beale, the new coach has given more intensity to the practices and has been praised by the players. “It’s been a pleasure coming to work because we know that every day is going to be different. We always learn new things, do dynamic work and that way we don’t fall into routine”, said the midfielder Wesley.

As the midfielder, the group is excited about the preseason and convinced that São Paulo is on the right track to make a good debut in the Paulista Championship. “Rogério tries to change the trainings a lot, always with a new activity, and manages to maintain the intensity. The group has enjoyed it, we are more united and we have everything to have a winning season. We’ll start the season on the right foot”, added Breno.

In addition to technical and tactical training, the squad faced two training games — Sarasota and Boca Raton — and played in the Florida Cup — against River Plate-ARG and Corinthians in the United States. To complement the adjustments, São Paulo will face Columbus Crew next weekend. The Ohio team, which will play in the MLS, has chosen the Sao Paulo facilities to spent part of the preseason until February 8.

“From the beginning of our preseason, we have worked hard and fulfilled every step. We faced difficult games and this has strengthened our team. Rogério Ceni is being very demanding, and he’s right to be. I’m sure we’re on the right track to have a competitive team because our preseason has been productive”, finished Thiago Mendes.

Originally published by Erico Leonan / saopaulofc.net