Record of consecutive appearances in South American competitions

After coming from behind to beat Coritiba (2 x 1), São Paulo has the chance to compete in the 2018 Sudamericana

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The great victory over Coritiba (2 x 1) last weekend at Estadio Couto Pereira has opened up the Sudamericana doors for São Paulo and maintained the club’s tradition in international competitions: Brazilian team with the most consecutive appearances in South American tournaments throughout history. Since 2003, this will be the 16th year.

From 1992 to 2001, São Paulo also played a continental competition in every year. The streak was interrupted in 2002, due to the tight schedule and soon resumed in 2003. Therefore, the club has qualified for tournaments of the type uninterrupted since 1992.

Facing Bahia on Sunday (3), for the last round of the Brazilian Championship, the Tricolor is still on the run for a spot in the Copa Libertadores. The fact, however, is that the São Paulo fan will be able to go to the Morumbi in 2018 to support the team in a continental competition, as they have been doing for decades.

“We went through hard times in the season, but we had the support of our fans to move up in the standings. We managed to overcome tough times together. Now we will have a South American competition ahead”, added left-back Edimar.

Check below the recent series of São Paulo appearances in South American competitions:

2003: Sudamericana
2004: Libertadores & Sudamericana
2005: Libertadores & Sudamericana
2006: Libertadores & Recopa
2007: Libertadores & Sudamericana
2008: Libertadores & Sudamericana
2009: Libertadores
2010: Libertadores
2011: Sudamericana
2012: Sudamericana
2013: Libertadores, Sudamericana & Recopa
2014: Sudamericana
2015: Libertadores
2016: Libertadores
2017: Sudamericana
2018: Sudamericana

The series of Tricolor appearances in continental tournaments from 1992 to 2001:

1992: Libertadores & Supercopa
1993: Libertadores, Supercopa, Recopa & Copa Ouro
1994: Libertadores, Supercopa, Recopa & Copa Conmebol
1995: Supercopa & Copa Ouro
1996: Supercopa, Copa Ouro & Copa Master Conmebol
1997: Supercopa
1998: Mercosul
1999: Mercosul
2000: Mercosul
2001: Mercosul

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/

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