São Paulo ties with Grêmio and starts to respond

With a record audience and tributes to the idol Waldir Peres, the match ended in a 1–1 tie

Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

With the impressive number of 51K fans on the stands and tributes to the idol Waldir Peres, São Paulo responded during the match against Grêmio, the 16th round of the Brazilian Championship, on Monday (24) night.

The opponent’s goal was scored by Pedro Rocha, while the young Lucas Fernandes scored for São Paulo — his first at the Morumbi. With the result, São Paulo now has 16 points in the national competition. Next weekend, looking for a victory, Tricolor will play against Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro.

The Tricolor coach chose as the first XI: Renan Ribeiro; Bruno, Arboleda, Rodrigo Caio and Edimar; Jucilei, Petros and Cueva; Marcinho, Lucas Pratto and Gomez. On the other hand, the opponent started the match with Marcelo Grohe; Edilson, Geromel, Kannemann and Cortez; Michel, Maicon, Arthur and Ramiro; Pedro Rocha and Luan. Before the opening whistle, the minute of silence in honor of the idol Waldir Peres became a standing ovation with the fans screaming his name.

A soon as the match began, supported by the fans, São Paulo started the attack and created a good opportunity after 11 minutes: Jucilei was fed on the edge of the box, took a shot, but the ball went over the goal. São Paulo was still trying to score when the opponent scored, after 19 minutes: Pedro Rocha, in a counterattack, scored the first of the match, 1–0.

In order to score the equalizer, São Paulo tried to respond and had more possession of the ball, but couldn’t get past Grêmio’s defense, which responded with the counterattacks. Despite both teams working hard, no goals were scored again in the first half.

Back from halftime, Dorival made a few changes: Jucilei and Gomez were replaced by Lucas Fernandes and Cicero. And the changes worked soon! After 18 minutes, after Pratto tried to score, Lucas Fernandes took advantage of the rebound and managed to score the equalizer! 1–1 and a great moment for the young midfielder, who scored his first goal in the Morumbi!

In order to maintain the team’s responsive stance, Gilberto replaced Bruno, moving Marcinho to the right. Arboleda tried his luck and shot from the middle of the field: the ball passed over the crossbar and scared Marcelo Grohe. At the front, alongside Pratto, Gilberto fought to get the victory, but the opponent closed the defense and the match ended in a tie: 1–1.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/ saopaulofc.net

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