São Paulo x Mirassol ends in a tie at the Morumbi

Despite the goals from Pratto and Rodrigo Caio, Mirassol equalized the score when the match was almost over

Rubens Chiri / saopaulofc.net

With goals from the newcomer Lucas Pratto and the young Rodrigo Caio, Tricolor scored 2–0 and was looking for the fourth consecutive win of the season. However, at the end of the second half, Mirassol reacted and tied by 2–2 on Saturday (18), at the Morumbi, for the fourth round of the 2017 State Championship.

Even with the stumble at home, in a match that showed the support of the fans again — with more than 40 thousand fans at the stands -, São Paulo remained in the lead of Group B, now with seven points. Next Tuesday (21), at 8:30 PM (Brasilia), again at the Morumbi, São Paulo will play against São Bento for the fifth round of the regional championship.

São Paulo’s starting XI were: Sidão; Bruno, Maicon, Rodrigo Caio and Junior Tavares; João Schmidt, Thiago Mendes and Cícero; Luiz Araújo, Lucas Pratto and Cueva. The opponent started with: Vagner; Tony, Wallace, Edson Silva and Raul; Willian, Paulinho, Xuxa and Rodolfo; Wellinton Junior and Zé Roberto.

When the ball started moving, with the same intensity of the previous games, Tricolor started the attack and soon managed to score the opener with the rookie of the night: at eight minutes, Bruno crossed from the right and Pratto, between two defenders, headed to score beautifully! 1–0!

Back from halftime, with the same offensive stance of the first half, São Paulo was quick to score again and ensure the advantage on the scoreboard. At seven minutes, Maicon crossed with perfection and found Rodrigo Caio in the area, who scored with mastery: 2–0!

After 11 minutes, Cícero was replaced by Buffarini, who strengthened the offensive system. Later, at 22, to strengthen the attack, Rogério switched Luiz Araújo by Neilton. The young Lucas Fernandes, who had not played since June 2016, was also able to join the match, in Cueva’s spot.

After 29 minutes, the visitors changed the score to 2–1 as Rafhael Lucas scored. São Paulo, however, tried to react and almost scored the third when Thiago Mendes created an opportunity but was stopped by the goalkeeper. But, in additional time, Xuxa took advantage of a cross and scored the last of the match: 2–2.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/ saopaulofc.net

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