The match between São Paulo and Atlético-GO ends in a tie in Dorival’s debut

Tricolor had the advantage twice, but couldn’t beat the opponent in the Morumbi

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The match against Atlético-GO ended in a 2–2 tie on Thursday night (13), which was the debut of coach Dorival Júnior. At the Morumbi, with lots of São Paulo fans, the Tricolor had the advantage twice, but couldn’t win during the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. Next weekend, São Paulo will play against Chapecoense, at the Condá Arena, looking for the first triumph since the new coach arrived.

São Paulo started the match with Renan Ribeiro; Buffarini, Arboleda, Rodrigo Caio and Junior Tavares; Jucilei, Petros and Cueva; Gomez, Lucas Pratto and Welligton Nem. The opponent started with Felipe; André Castro, Roger Carvalho, Gilvan and Bruno Pacheco; Marcão, Igor, Niltinho and Jorginho; Andrigo and Walter.

Even before the match began, the Tricolor fans showed their support for the team, singing out loud and cheering on the stands. So, supported by the fans, São Paulo began the match in the attack and tried to corner the visitors. After 16 minutes, Jucilei made a good move on the side and crossed to Pratto, who had a go, but was stopped by the goalkeeper Felipe.

When the second half started, São Paulo kept pressuring the opponent. After 12 minutes, the result came: Cueva took a free kick, the ball hit the crossbar and returned to Pratto. The Argentinian took advantage of the rebound and shot, the goalkeeper saved it but Petros managed to score! 1–0!

And while trying to extend the advantage, the Tricolor conceded the equalizer after 20 minutes, with Niltinho. To cheer up the team, Dorival made some changes: Lucas Fernandes replaced Gomez and shortly after, Marcinho replaced Wellington Nem. And the changes worked soon! After 38 minutes, Marcinho shot sharply from the edge of the box and scored! 2–1 and the fans went wild!

They were still celebrating the goal when Atlético-GO scored the equalizer, again, in the next minute, with Everaldo. 2–2. Looking for the victory, São Paulo focused on the attack, trying to win no matter what. However, against a defensive opponent, São Paulo didn’t get the three points: 2–2. In the next round, São Paulo will face Chapecoense, at the Condá Arena.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/

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