The squad started training focusing on the Copa Sudamericana

The players worked on Monday (3) with eyes on the match against Defensa y Justicia-ARG

Érico Leonan /

After winning the first leg of the the quarterfinals of the 2017 State Championship, beating Linense 2–0 last weekend, the squad returned to the Training Center on Monday with a decisive match ahead: next Wednesday (5), in Argentina, São Paulo will make its debut in the 2017 Copa Sudamericana against Defensa y Justicia.

That is why the activities at the Barra Funda Training Center focused on the confrontation against the Argentinians for the first phase. The starters in the match against Linense, in the State Championship, did a series of regenerative activities, while the rest of the team worked on the field, led by the coach Rogério Ceni.

The first team started with muscular strengthening activities at the Reffis Gym with the physical trainers Zé Mário Campeiz and Pedro Campos. Following, the hydro training teacher Roberta Rosas led a pool activity. Finally, a physiological recovery with muscle and circulatory activation, in addition to a supplementary work with the physiologist Rogério Neves, ended the day of the players who played on Sunday at the Morumbi.

Meanwhile, on the field, Rogério set the pace of a soccer training for the rest of the squad. Copa Sudamericana Champion in 2012, Tricolor seeks to win again. Before the first match, however, the team will have another day of activities and adjustments at the Barra Funda Training Center.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/