Tricolor beats Linense and has the advantage

At the Morumbi, São Paulo had a good start in the first leg of the quarterfinals

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São Paulo started the knockout round of the 2017 State Championship with an advantage, after winning on Sunday afternoon (02) by 2–0 over Linense. The first step towards the semifinals of the State Championship counted on goals of Diego Felipe (own goal) and Lucas Pratto. The decisive match of the quarterfinals is scheduled for next Saturday (08), at 4PM (BRT), with home advantage for São Paulo.

But before, Tricolor returns to the pitch next Wednesday (05), against Defensa y Justicia for the debut in the Sudamericana — the match will take place at the stadium of the Lanús, the Néstor Diaz Perez Stadium.

After 20 minutes of the first half, the match didn’t have many clear opportunities, despite the control of the match by the Tricolor. São Paulo played on the left side a lot with the attacks of Junior Tavares and Luiz Araújo, but couldn’t scare the goalkeeper. Thiago Mendes changed this after 25 minutes. He got a pass from Wellington Nem and tried a left-footed shot, but the ball ended up missing the target.

The final minutes of the first half were Lucas Pratto’s, who showed up strongly. After 40 minutes, the Argentinian shot a bomb over the goal. A few minutes later, the best chance of the first half appeared. Luiz Araújo stole the ball and Pratto finished in front of the goal, but the archer managed to save it with his leg.

The second half started with São Paulo in danger. Junior Tavares made a great play, and crossed, but the defender managed to stop the ball before it reached Wellington Nem. In the next play, the prize for every offensive force arrived. Buffarini passed to Rodrigo Caio, who shot it into the area where the defender Diego Felipe scored an own goal.

After 47 minutes, on a free kick, Shaylon crossed to the right, Cícero deflected, the goalkeeper tried to defend but in the rebound, Lucas Pratto, with his specialty, headed to score, setting the result.

Originally published in Portuguese by Ana Luiza Rosa/

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