Tricolor fans: another record at the Morumbi!

Now, São Paulo has the top three attendance records in the 2017 Brazilian Championship

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Breaking record after record. Supporting the team from the bleachers round after round. These are the São Paulo fans, who once again showed their strength and support at the Morumbi. On Sunday (13), the fans showed their love for the club once again and broke a new attendance record in the 2017 Brazilian Championship.

With the amazing number of 56,052 fans at the Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium during the exciting come-from-behind win over Cruzeiro (3 x 2), São Paulo broke its own record and now holds the top three attendance records in the national competition, in addition to this one, there’s the match against Grêmio (51,511) and the one against Coritiba (53,635).

“The fans know we’re playing to win, so they’ve been showing up to help us. The fans showed up again, in large numbers, and supported us from start to finish. For them to come and pack the Morumbi on a Sunday morning is thrilling, I’m happy for the commitment, the support, we will overcome this situation”, said Jucilei, who earned the biggest ovation among all athletes during the match against Cruzeiro.

“We took advantage of this support to win the three points. The team needs to be recognized for its determination. Now, let’s celebrate with our families”, added the midfielder. Petros agreed with his teammate.

“Our fans are wonderful. They showed their unconditional love for the club once again and showed up in large numbers to support us at this difficult time. A victory is worth 3 times more than for another team. We have to work to stay in the A Series and the fans are our great stimulus”, he said.

The victory over Cruzeiro made the team move up to the 16th place, now with 22 points in 20 games, and more than that, it showed once again the team’s brave spirit! One of the characters of the fightback, with a decisive defense in the second half, goalkeeper Renan Ribeiro also took the chance to thank the fans and their support.

“We got a fantastic win with the support of our fans. We’re going to work more relaxed during the week. This is a family, where one misses, everybody misses. I’m Brazilian, I will never give up. Whenever I’m on the pitch, I’ll fight from start to finish. I was contemplated with that defense, at that moment, the team became more encouraged”, he finished.

Originally published in Portuguese by Érico Leonan/

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