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GitHub: Scaling on Ruby, with a nomadic tech team

Source: GitHub

Keeping up with all that Git

“For a Rails app, github.com is a really, really quick site and we have a motto that ‘It’s not shipped until it’s fast.’”

“Quite often with scaling problems, they just come around the corner. They don’t just slowly, gradually appear.”

No cloud computing here

“I’ve got colleagues that don’t have a permanent location. They just fly from city to city and work from wherever. They’re just nomads and they’re all around the world.”

Building a global engineering network

“For a long, long time your on-boarding was joining our chatroom watching what other people were doing. … I joined the company and I just idled in chat and just watched how people worked and what they did and I just learned that way.”

Hubot to the rescue

A humorous schematic for Hubot. Source: GitHub



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