As I look back in retrospect, I realized that my home was getting foggy with smoke. I started to see small fires popping up throughout the house. Members of the house had a plethora of opportunities to fix the issues when they were small; instead these members of this household decided to let it build. Now this fire is uncontrollable. This fire may potentially destroy the home I once knew and loved…

The political atmosphere in this country is, in light terms, very toxic. At this very moment, there’s a political party that has control of both houses of Congress and in the Senate, but they do not seem to be on the same page when it comes to passing important legislation that will help this nation become prosperous like tax reform, healthcare, and infrastructure. The job market and Wall Street seem to be on very strong grounds at the moment but how long will that last before seeing a spike in the unemployment rate again, or even a drop in our economy?

These are questions that are highly important in this particular time; unfortunately, there seems to be a war waged between our current president and the free press. 24 hour coverage of Russia’s ties to the current president and what in particular has the president's administration done in order for another country to influence last year's election. Answers to these questions, although very important to our current democracy, seem to inevitably come to the light, but there’s a particular focus that does not really seems to garner much attention; what the opposing political party on the other side of the aisle seem to have no answers for… 36% of this country support the currently president.

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

— George Washington

What seems to be very bothersome compared to having another country influencing last year’s election is the amount of individuals having an undying loyalty towards a man who is known for committing sinister deeds towards other people and businesses.

“I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and I won’t lose that many supporters” — Current President of the United States

An individual who claims that he alone can fix all of the imaginary problems that America seemed to have accumulated over the past eight years and how a subsect of the mass media seem to become the biggest cheerleader for this man. If Socrates were to be alive in this moment, he would be screaming at the top of his lunges, “I TOLD YOU SO”.

In Ancient Greece, the founder of Greek philosophy Socrates mentioned how in a democracy, uneducated individuals who have the right to exercise their vote will lead to disastrous results like electing an authoritarian demigod. When the current president displays his rhetoric to the mass, “The world is a mess and I alone can fix it.” This is the exact same rhetoric that came out of the mouths of Alcibiades, who lead Athens to meaningless wars in Sicily. Adolf Hitler, which led Germany to a disastrous world war, or even in our current times; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, current president of Turkey, which influenced the nation of Turkey into a civil coup and gave rise to him being positioned as a dictator. When civilians in a nation are not aware or do not seem to care of what’s going on politically, their rights are then taken away from them swiftly.

Which leads back to the 36% who are undying supporters of the current president? Who are they, and why do they support a demagogue in the making?

The bothersome truth to answer this question can be found dating back into the Barack Obama years. The constant protest against almost every legislation, every position the previous president had and most importantly an opposition to the sort of cultural accomplishments that this president had achieved.

President Obama was an extreme in many conservative minds that has a vision of what America ought to be. Objectors to change and advocates of their religious norms. The first African-American president paved the way for other cultural norms to come to the forefront; LGBT rights, gender equality, wealth inequality, religious freedom and advocacy. Barack Obama represented American values to most people’s minds and as much as he did to contribute to making this country prosperous, there were always a group of people, that was boiling to make a change whenever the opportunity struck.

Georg Hegel displayed a theory on how the political climate is playing out at this very moment. The world moves forward in what he calls, a Dialectical way. In particular in this country, America leans back and forth towards two extremes from both cultures in this country to try to overcompensate from the previous mistakes from what the previous administration has committed. This is what is believed to be the basis to form a perfect nation. Obama was an answer from what the George Bush’s administration was and now the answer to the Obama administration is what we currently have at the moment. This is Hegel’s dialectic for our American politics.

Despite whether or not this current president can last four years in office is up to speculation but what is indefinitely true is that the president's supporters will remain and they are only growing.

The 36% represent the uneducated, conservative, racist, religious, misogynous crowd that wishes they lived in a time where the Andy Griffith show was still showing during the primetime hours. The 36% champion conspiracy theorist and political operatives that have the courage to go on national television and spew hate fueled racial rhetoric, they are representing the voices that seemed to be silenced throughout the years. The 36% once represented American prosperity in the early century; getting a job, starting a family, get a home, pay your taxes, raise your family to become Christians, and die. The 36% are opposed to advancing technology and multiculturalism. The 36% may be angry and frustrated but deep inside, they are sad and afraid.

“The average American does not care about what’s going on in Syria when they are not financially stable enough to put food on the table” — Political commentator, MSNBC

As the opposing political party scramble to find their identity and take control of government once again, what should be a major focus heading into midterm elections next year is what sort of answers can we give to a base that has been hurting since the beginning of the 2000’s. What sort of answers can be given to a base that has seen their once economically prosperous towns vanish without a replacement. What is going to happen to their healthcare? What will happen to affordable education? What will happen to their children and grandchildren?

What can be characterized as the true ‘American Character’, what will be the answer to the blatant extreme that is plaguing the nation at the very moment? Will this nation recover from it all?