Fausto and Mariposita were in the Cornelius Cornwall Thornbottom Hall for Fine Classical and Operatic Musics, listening to a lil chamber orchestra perform Ludwig Rainier Maria Von Trilke’s Trillepathy for Several Seasons, the Devil’s Repose in the Angel’s Desert Campground; Sonata in Q Diagonal Majorus-Metti-Minorus, Third through Three Hundred-and-Thirty-Third movements, Adante Allegroza, Bellisima.

The conductor, Maestro Don Ricardo Rigatonni-Rodriguez-Madera-Von-Trilke De La Vazquez-Velazquez-Solsona-Rosales-Chinaski-Ben-Salad-Al-Assad-Wong (B.K.A. Lil Ricky) was a distant relative of the composer through a complicated multinational lineage too tedious to recount here. Needless to say he was a real rockstar, an infamous character in the parlors of the elite, eliciting mixed, but always relatively animated, reactions when brought up in conversation.

The players were as follows:

Piano: Esmerelda Perron-Loch

Violin (First Chair): Pema Fofang

Violin (Second Chair): Dill Purtains

Violin (Third Chair): Deseret Yukio

Viola (First Chair): Pantera Zhou

Viola (Second Chair): Roy Rogers (no relation)

Cello: Marcello Limoncello

Double Bass: Winton Seraphim

Flute (First Chair): Sammy Sosa (no relation)

Flute (Second Chair): Chinga Tumadre

Flute (Third Chair): Ladybird Los Angeles

Pan Pipes: Sun Kim

Vibraphone: Mark Ling

The Pain: Error Terror

The Joys (First Chair): Cheepie McBride

The Joys (Second Chair): Yogi Zero

Clarinet (First Chair): Sally Jessie Donatello

Clarinet (Second Chair): Courtney Kota

Oboe:Corky Valdez-Pinot

Trumpet (First Chair): Jinx Anime

Trumpet (Second Chair): Donald Quarter

Tuba: Bill Bint

Paradox (First Chair): Reginald Singh

Paradox (Second Chair): Yun-Yi Liu

Timpani: Velma Pantooey

Cymbals: Church John Chunk

Watermelon Slice (First Chair): Fausto Fausto

Watermelon Slice (Second Chair): Fausto Fausto

The symphony lasted 44 hours of pure mind boggling sublime metanoia and in the final seconds of the final minute of the final hour, Fausto Fausto & Fausto Fausto, seated across each other at a wooden table set with a glass of vapor distilled holy water holding two sunflowers, lifted their triangular watermelon slices in unison and ate them.

Fausto watched rapt from the audience, tears rolling down his face. Mariposita, who had fallen asleep on his shoulder, woke up and politely clapped.